Consulting 4.0



We modernize your company

We take your company to the future, applying Artificial Intelligence, Big data and IoT technologies. If your company is already in the future, we improve and maintain your products or services.

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Custom development

If you have a project in mind, give a service or sell a product, we will help you optimize costs. We will develop any solution that significantly improves the economic performance of your company.

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Web development and IoT

We will develop or mordenize the digital vision of your company, including website and social networks. In addition, we can add IoT technologies as physical virtual assistants to improve interaction with your customers.

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Flexibility and Ease

You can explain your needs without any commitment, we will help you in everything you need. We will try to integrate your solutions in the Zairux platform, so you can easily and quickly manage all your services or products online.

Whatever company you are, we will improve your economic benefit by applying Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT technologies


How do we work?