A chatbot is a computer program that automatically establishes a conversation with your customers. This means that will respond to your customers at any time of the day .

A chatbot can improve the comfort of your website by up to 80%.


Automatic responses

Your chatbot will automatically reply to your customers. You can answer general questions, such as locations and price inquiries, or even automate processes, such as sending emails. And all this 24 hours a day !.

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Process automation

You will be able to automate processes in a single conversation window. In addition, you can raise its connection to more advanced services, such as database records or IoT (Internet of Things).

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Use of interactive content

Your chatbot will be able to play multimedia content, such as playing audios or videos. In addition, you can also show the user images or icons. Interactive fields can be added, such as file uploads or animation buttons.

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Flexibility and Easy

You can create your own chatbot online for free registering , without advanced computer knowledge and easily self-managed. If you need any functionality, or you just don't have time to implement it in your project, we will do everything for you!

It is estimated that by 2021 up to 80% of web pages will use chat and voicebots.


Some of them

Automatic responses

Respond to your customers' queries in an automated way by voice or text. Whatever day or time it is, your chat & voicebot will respond to your customers.


Interact dialogues. You can automate any process you can think of, from prior appointments to product purchases.

Capters and Triggers

Extract information from users, such as emails or phone numbers. Later, you can use this information to send emails or other types of services.

History and Statistics

At all times you will have information about the conversations in real time, as well as see daily and weekly metrics. At any time you can permanently delete the history.


Play any type of multimedia content for your users, from images to videos, and you can also add interactive buttons.


New functionalities will be added based on the needs of the users. You can propose new developments to us.

Once inside, you have documentation so that you can make your chatbot as fast as possible



You can integrate your chatbot in natives webs, wordpress webs and QR codes. Soon, we will add new integrations.

Wordpress webs

You can integrate your chatbot in Wordpress wih a plugin

QR/Zairux [self-managed]

You can integrate your chatbot externally in our interface. In addition, your customers can access said chatbot or via web link or with QR code.

Chatbot will save you time and money by responding to your customers's questions.


As you like

Send emails

Your chatbot will be able to send emails, both to your customers and to your own email addresses.

API Rest

Your chatbot will be able to send API REST requests to your servers. These requests may modify the response of your chatbot.


You will be able to see annual, monthly and weekly statistics about your chatbot's interactions with your customers.


Depending on the language of your client (for example, the web browser), your chatbot responds in one language or another.

No limits

Unlimited mode allows you to have unlimited messages and intents per month.


New functionalities will be added based on the needs of the users. You can propose new developments to us.